Saturday, July 9, 2011

Go back a little to leap further - John Clarke

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome when making big lifestyle changes are the little regressions along the way. You know what I’m talking about. For months you’ve been exercising every day, counting your calories and watching what you eat. You’ve made great progress - many of you dropping large amounts of weight - but then you regress for a weekend, or maybe a week. The regressions come in many forms - Family reunions or celebrations, holidays, travel. Perhaps it’s burn out. You’ve been working so hard and you just want to take a break and revert back to what’s easy and familiar. Sometimes you’re just plain busy. You don’t have time to pack a lunch or log your calories. You get take out more than usual.
You gain a few pounds - So now what?
First and foremost, don’t panic! Don’t beat yourself up, don’t feel guilty and don’t give up!
It’s fine to feel frustrated. It’s o.k. to feel disappointed. Acknowledge those feelings, and then look to the big picture. You’re human, and you need to live life. You don’t always have control over the foods that are available and there are going to be times when you choose to celebrate. That generally includes eating “fun” foods.
Remember, you have tools. You didn’t come all this way by accident, you made it happen. You’ve done the work and you’ve seen results and you will continue to see results. You’ve just got to stay committed. 
The changes you’ve made these last months are habit changes. You’ve been teaching yourself to eat healthy, and to exercise regularly. Chances are you feel better. You’ve been living healthier and it feels fantastic. 
When you get off track, ask yourself how that makes you feel. Very likely not so hot. Remember, this used to be your old normal. You knew you didn’t feel good, but you probably didn’t know you could feel great. 
Use this opportunity to  give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. Acknowledge the amount of energy you now have. How good you feel. How strong you are. How committed you’ve been. Look the regression in the eye, and now get back to your new normal!

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