Thursday, June 30, 2011

Market Time!

While those of us who live on the Coast’s are spoiled by year round Farmers Markets - Summer brings these fabulous market places Coast to Coast!
Sure you can get all your produce at the local grocery store, but how local is that produce?
By buying food at the Farmers Market, you’re ensuring you’re getting the freshest, ripest, most nutrient dense produce available. You’re supporting local growers and family farms, interacting with your community, and supporting local restaurants, artists and musicians who also hawk their wares among the vine ripe produce.
When was the last time you spoke to the farmer who grew your food? How great to be able to ask where your food was grown, how your beef was raised, your fish caught and the breed of chicken that laid your eggs? Have you ever tried your local honey?
The abundance of fruits and vegetables, as well as samples at every booth, will expose you to foods you may not have thought to try before. Challenge yourself - Try something new - Something you’ve never seen before - and ask the growers how they recommend serving it. Many Farmers Markets have websites with recipes and information about the foods they sell and the farms they represent. 
While there’s the common complaint that fresh fruits and vegetables are too expensive, you’ll find that by buying direct, the markets are generally quite affordable. If you’re truly worried about cost, you’ll learn you can get amazing deals towards the end when everyone is packing up.
Once you get your hands on a vine ripe tomato you’ll find that nothing compares. While a store is convenient, a market’s an experience, one you’ll soon find is too good to pass up.
So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your weekly Farmer’s Market!
Not sure where to find them? Here’s a link to the USDA’s Farmers Markets Search - Enter your zip code and it will hook you up with the closest one:

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